Top 10 UK Universities for Medicine

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The field of medicine is a very respectable career path. Students taking a degree program in this field need to have a great amount of passion and determination in order to succeed. People entrust their lives to doctors and other medical professionals, which is why it is crucial for students to choose the best medicine school in the United Kingdom. Here are 10 of the top UK universities for medicine that you can consider for your medical career:

  1. Keele University


Keele University has finally reached the top 10 after stepping up its research game. Its full-time medicine program ensures graduates that they will meet the necessary standards, such as attitudes, skills, and knowledge, to become an excellent doctor. The school has a dedicated support service for all its medicine students, providing them assistance in addressing certain issues. This service is available at the University, as well as all major hospital sites.

  1. Newcastle University


Newcastle University’s School of Medical Education has been teaching medicine since 1834. Its four-year accelerate program was designed for graduates of any discipline who aspire to become a doctor, as well as for those whose previous profession makes them qualified for the study. The initial phase of the program uses clinical cases for students to learn to take a problem-first, task-based approach. They will then be integrated into a common pathway with undergraduate students.

  1. University of Glasgow


The University of Glasgow’s School of Medicine has consistently been in the top 10 UK medical schools. Its four-phase program exposes students through the basic disciplines of medicine to ensure that they are well-prepared for a career in the field.

  1. University of Edinburgh


The University of Edinburgh Medical School is just one of the two Scottish medical institutions in this list. This school is known for its high-quality medical education, and excellent provision for every student. In addition, the Edinburgh Medical School also accepts students from across the globe as they deal with their elective placement.

  1. Queen Mary, University of London


The University of London’s Queen Mary is part of the Russell Group that comprises of leading universities in the United Kingdom. The group has recognized the school for its excellence in teaching and research. Russell Group university graduates are highly valued by employers. This gives them a head start when they search for jobs. The institution exposes students to a highly diversified environment, helping them get ready for a medical career.

  1. Imperial College London


Imperial College London has eight campuses across London, with a new one currently under development. This institution is one of the top engineering, scientific, and medical teaching and research schools across the globe. Imperial focuses on the practical application of engineering, science, and medicine in the fields of healthcare, commerce, and industry. Students can expect high-quality teaching, research skills development opportunities, and high patient contact.

  1. University College London


The University College London’s Medical School is one of the largest across the UK. This institution has an annual student population of up to 330. UCL medicine students enjoy a 100 percent employment rate, as well. Its six-year program focuses largely on key health programs, patient pathways, and clinical presentation. Students will be given clinical contacts with doctors and patients.

  1. Cardiff University


Cardiff University’s School of Medicine has upped it game to ensure that future doctors are well-prepared for the medical challenges in the future. Founded in 1883, the university is located in Cardiff’s civic center, around five minutes away from the city center by foot. The academic buildings, the Students’ Union, and student residences have been strategically placed for added convenience to students.

  1. University of Cambridge


The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. It has a global reputation for world-class original research and outstanding academic achievement. While getting admitted in a UK medical school is extremely difficult, students will have the hardest time gaining admittance in the University of Cambridge. Aspiring medical professionals need an entry score of 627, which is difficult to obtain. However, students who were able to get in will definitely reap the rewards.

  1. University of Oxford


The University of Oxford Medical School has consistently been a top performer in the country, going head to head with the University of Cambridge. The institution has an impressive student satisfaction score of 4.63, making it one of the best medical schools in the United Kingdom.

Its medicine program offers a well-rounded training with focus on the basic medical research. The school has retained its distinct three-year, pre-clinical phase that involves working on obtaining a BA Honours degree in Medical Sciences. This program is followed by another three-year study for the clinical stage. The Oxford Medical School remains small, despite recent expansion, to allow staff and students to know one another better, and benefit from a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


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