Welcome to the Medschools Online Course Guide. This section contains information on medical degree courses available in the UK, including places available, entry requirements, open days, contact details, and statistics on competition for places.

The information in the Course Guide is gathered from medical school admissions offices and from course websites. Please remember that admissions criteria change regularly and you should only use this guide as a starting point.

If you wish to apply to one of the medical schools in this guide, we advise you to contact the school’s admissions office to get the most up to date and accurate information before submitting your application as we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies that may exist.

Each page has details of the last time we updated the information and the last time the medical school verified the data. We do all we can to keep it up to date, but there will always be errors and omissions. If you find any mistakes on the course guide or elsewhere on the website, please report them on the forum.

The guide is divided into two sections: one for school leavers and one for graduate applicants. This is because the courses differ greatly depending on whether you are applying as a graduate or a school leaver. This is the case even if a graduate and a school leaver are applying for exactly the same course.

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