If you are an international student interested in studying medicine in the UK, you will need to spend some time researching your options. Every country is different and it is not possible for us to provide advice on which qualifications are accepted and which aren’t. For international students, the best advice is always to contact the medical schools directly.

Below is a basic guide to applying to medical school as an international student:

1. Find out about studying medicine in the UK (more info…)

2. Find out if your qualifications are accepted (more info…)

3. Find out about the cost of studying medicine (more info…)

4. Make sure you have enough work experience (more info…)

5. Find out about entrance exams (more info…)

6. Apply to study medicine (more info…)

7. Get your vaccinations (more info…)

8. Go to interviews (more info…)

9. Receive the results of your application