Gap Medics

Gap Medics provides short-term overseas shadowing experience in developing countries around the world. This programme is suitable for students aged 16-25 who are interested in a career in medicine and who are looking for an exciting opportunity to combine travel with hospital work experience.

Our Partner Hospitals

We guarantee you a minimum of 23 clinical shadowing hours each week. You can spend time in the following departments: general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, paediatrics and internal medicine. Our Programme Manager will assign you to a doctor who will act as your mentor, explaining cases to you and ensuring that you have the best experience possible.

Your placement will be varied and very exciting! You can expect to attend ward rounds and discuss patient diagnoses, as well as taking part in staff briefings. You also have the chance to ‘scrub in’ to view surgeries such as skin grafts, c-sections and so much more! Each department will give you an insight into the working world of medicine – inspiring you to fulfil your dreams and giving you an appetite for future success!

The Full Package

The experience that Gap Medics provides doesn’t end at your hospital placement. We want you to truly experience the culture and diversity of the country you travel to, while also making sure you are safe and comfortable. Firstly, we pride ourselves on having our own private Gap Medics houses which are designed and built by local workers, to our specifications. You can expect tons of outdoor space, same sex en-suite bedrooms, large social spaces and a fully equipt kitchen so we can cook up a storm for you!

We have a full staff team at each of our houses to make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible. From a full time cook who will make your pancakes at breakfast, to a female overnight supervisor who is around if you need anything at night, there is always someone to rely on. In each destination, we have a Programme Manager who is there to ensure your hospital placement runs smoothly and that you have an awesome time at the house. We also have 24/7 security staff who will keep an eye on our houses at all times. Although this is not something which is required in the safe areas where our houses are located, it can help give you that extra peace of mind whilst at the house.


Our programmes run throughout the year, so you can choose a date that suits you. To check availability, discuss your options and to plan this once in a lifetime trip, you can visit our website at:, call one of our Student Placement Advisors on: 0191 230 8080 or drop us an email at: [email protected] and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.