This section covers funding for people who have not done a degree before and have just done A levels (or equivalent), including gap year students. You should remember that we cannot tell you how much money you will actually get, as this depends completely on your individual circumstances. However, this section provides a general overview of the different types of help available.

Maintenance loans and grants

The funding you receive depends on where you live (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales), your parents income and the university you choose. The table below outlines the different sources of funding for English students starting in 2014. Remember, this is a general guide, you need to check if you are eligible for each type of loan or grant on the Student Finance website. In addition certain students may be eligible for funding directly from the NHS by visiting their page here. Click on the links for more information about each one.

Financial support for medical students starting in September 2014
Loan or grant Minimum Maximum
Tuition fee loan (up to) £9,000 £9,000
Maintenance loan (Living costs up to) £3,354 £7,675
Maintenance grant (on top of student loan) Nil £3,387
Total to live on £3,354 £11,062
Total to be paid back £12,354 (p/a) £16,675 (p/a)
Total non-repayable Nil £3,387

There is also extra help for people with children or adult dependants, disabled students and those who are eligible for benefits such as income support.

So, assuming the NHS will pay for your 5th/6th years, your total loan could range from £49416, to £66,700.   However, do remember that you will not start paying this back until you start working and are earning over £21,000.  Even then, your repayments will be very manageable.