The things you do in your spare time can have a huge influence on your application to medical school. Having said this, if you aren’t a concert pianist who’s captain of the football team and speaks seven languages, don’t panic. Use this opportunity to try something new and get involved with things you’re interested in.

Below are some ideas about the types of thing you can get involved with.

School responsibilities

If you are still at school or college, look into things you can do whilst you’re there. Look for things where you are in a position of responsibility or where you can work in a team. Below are just some of the things you might be able to do:

Blue Arrow Become a prefect or monitor
Blue Arrow Join a school club
Blue Arrow Join a school sports team
Blue Arrow Join the school band or orchestra
Blue Arrow Get a part in the school play
Blue Arrow Get involved in a Young Enterprise scheme
Blue Arrow Take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Music and drama

If you are interested in music or drama then get involved in a band or orchestra or audition for a play. You could also take up a new musical instrument if you don’t play anything at the moment. This will show that you have the self discipline required to learn, particularly if you take music exams.


If you are interested in sports then join a local team. As well as a bit of fun, this can be valuable experience in team work. If you are slightly less sporty, you could take up something that you can do at your own pace like a fun run. You can also combine this with raising money for charity. This is really worthwhile and will look great in a personal statement.

Charity fundraising

If there is a charity that is particularly close to your heart, fundraising can be a really rewarding way to spend your spare time. It also shows that you are willing to put yourself out for a good cause and are not afraid of a challenge. The best way to get started is to contact the charity you’re interested in directly.

Learning something new

If none of the above appeal to you then try your local college to see if they do any evening classes that might be interesting. Whether it’s photography, learning a new language or web design, learning something practical can be really useful. It will also show the admissions tutors that you have a wide range of interests and abilities.