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If you are interested in a health-related, it can be very helpful to learn from people who are already entrenched in the field. Fortunately, there are dozens of incredibly health career blogs and website where you can turn to for information.¬†Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know which ones to follow. Fear not however, as we’ve compiled a list of¬†the top 25 health career blogs to follow in 2016!

Just a note, these bloggers below are obviously all fantastic so the numbers 1 through 25 are not a top to bottom ranking – they’re all worthy of being number 1! ūüôā

Best Health Career Blogs 2016

Health Career Blog1. New Nurse Blog

Andria will help you succeed in your career as a nurse by helping you ace your admission interview as well as other tips. She also has a podcast where she shares her experience and give valuable resources.


health career blogger 2. Nurse Keith

Keith a self proclaimed nurse entrepreneur helps individuals that are looking to enter the health field to learn the ropes of surviving in the 21st century as a nurse. Read about his advice on modern nursing.


Nurse blogger 3. International Nurse Support

Joyce has over 20 years of experience working as a flight nurse, operating room nurse to general floor nurse. She will help you by narrating her experiences throughout the years.


Nurse Code4. Nurse Code

Nurse Code was founded by Nurse Beth, a Staff Development Educator in acute care. There is a range of valuable information to help would-be health career professionals get started in their career, particularly in nursing.


Nature-Jobs 5. Naturejobs Blog

Julie is the editor of Nature Jobs. For all jobs related with science academia and its industry, Naturejobs Blogs is your go to resource and it truly is as thorough resource for career information.


Your_Career_Nursing-150x80 6. Your Career Nursing

Tina covers a wide range of information on different nursing career options including nurse entrepreneurs, cruise ship nurses and nursing informatic jobs. Her blog helps find jobs to suit your lifestyle.


health career blogger 7. Donna Cardillo

Donna who self proclaimed herself as an “inspiration nurse”. She is an expert blogger and a multi-awarded author. She is a great inspirational writer to nurses who wish to get ahead in their career.


Dr. Renee Thompson8. rtconnections

Dr. Renee with her 23 years of experience talks executive leadership, quality management, nursing education and clinical practice. she will help you foster an effective leadership and competence and build a healthy and positive workplace.


nurse blogger 9. ER Nurses Care

ERNursesCare is a blog that draws on Leslie’s close to three decades of healthcare experience.¬†She covers the hot topics sand the information relevant to the healthcare sector.


KevinMD10. KevinMD

Kevin, and other authors on this site, will give you good insights about healthcare and nursing. If you are looking to advance your career, this website will help you on the right path.


career nurse 11. Code Blog

Gina is a nurse for 15 years now and have experiences in CCU and inpatient dialysis. She also narrates experiences of other people in the healthcare department.


Kathy 12. The Nursing Site Blog

Founded by Kathy Quan, The Nursing Site Blog is one of the most awarded health care resources online and rightfully so! Kathy offers a huge depth of advice across all areas of nursing and really is a must-read health-related career resource.


The Population Health Blog 13. The Population Health Blog

Jaan covers information on disease management, chronic care, primary care, pay for performance, in a jargon free and easy to understand way, drawing on over 20 years industry experience.


Toni-Brayer-e147079424087214. Everything Health

Toni is a professional internal medicine physician practicing in North Carolina for 20+ years. She has a lot of tips on being healthy that people who are not in the medical field will also benefit from.


Jason Shafrin 15. Healthcare Economist

Jason shows his research about medicare research, the health insurance market, economics and healthcare policy. He expresses his thoughts about issues surrounding a wide range of issues in the field of medicine.


Joseph Paduda 16. Managed Care Matters

Joseph focuses on healthy strategy, health research, workers compensation and medical news. He updates his blog twice a week which means that you will get a lot of updates regarding his research.


Dr. Lorne Lavine 17. The Digital Dentist

Dentistry is a popular career path in the field of health and Dr. Lorne will tell you how the digital age can help with the dental practices. He aims to help people advance their career as a dentist.


career speaker 18. Classy Career Girl

Anna helps women by providing¬†them courses, coaching, and free webinars to help them succeed in their careers. She also gives them insightful tips to help them move up in the corporate world, so it’s a broader career resource to¬†follow.


Lorry Schoenly 19. Correctional Nurse

She is a nurse writer and educator that actively talks about correctional nursing in her blogs/podcasts. She points out that incarcerated people are the ones who are most in need of medical care so her blog is a useful non-mainstream resource.



Adrienne is an RN working in cardiology and says that she blogs as there are stories to be told and everyday at work more weave themselves. Adrienne has a passion for her work which shows through in the quality of her blog!


Brittney Wilson 21. The Nerdy Nurse

Brittney is an author and a clinical informatics nurse. She blogs about health care and how it relates and interrelates with technology which is very relevant, given how fast technology progresses.


health career blogger 22. Nurse Nacole

Nurse Nacole helps nursing students be successful in their career and share nursing tips. She also has educational materials that can be found in her etsy shop.


Nurse Gail 23. Nurse Gail

Nurse Gail is a multi-author blog and an interesting addition to the mix as it doesn’t just focus on health careers, but rather healthy living which is relevant for healthcare workers overall.


Nursing Show 24. Nursing Show

Jamie has great content about anything related to being a nurse. He also interviews medical professionals and contribute to the ever changing healthcare environment.


Confident Voices 25. Confident Voices

Beth specializes in collaboration and communication in the world of health care. Her blog focuses on the important issues surrounding nurses.


Summing Up

There you have it, 25 fantastic resources for anyone looking to get into the field of health care as a career. Be sure to click through to some of the blogs above that sounded of interest to you and once there, be sure to follow them on social media so that you never miss the latest health career information.


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